Male Sexual Health depends on a man’s good general health, this means that, to have normal erectile, ejaculatory, and orgasmic functions, with a positive sexual energy level, requires not only a good sexual condition, but also a favorable general health status.

An individual who practices good nutrition and daily exercise, who rests well and takes care of his health, will be more likely to have good erectile, ejaculatory and orgasmic functions than one who does not have these cares.

The degradation situations of healthy males may result in a picture of sexual dysfunction, with all the resulting psychological, physical, and social consequences, making it extremely important to solve this picture quickly.

These manifestations can be treated punctually, but results do not last, and unfavorable conditions that gave rise to them will continue and sometimes worsen, thus leading to impotence. There is therefore a need for a more appropriate and complete treatment plan that provides lasting results.

One of the consequences of the lack of care already described and the cause of health degradation is low testosterone levels. When at optimal levels, Testosterone allows the individual to feel with enough energy, ensuring strong bones, good erection and libido, a strong heart, a more focused mind, essentially, leads to a feeling of happiness. When at low levels, it makes the individual feel sad, increases the probability of developing Alzheimer’s and sexual dysfunctions, and may even lead to deep depression.

Ways to normalize Sexual Function

To restore erectile, ejaculatory, and orgasmic functions, returning sexual energy, have to regenerate unhealthy organs and systems. This process consists in recovering anatomical and physiological characteristics before the occurrence of a problem.

In the specific case of penis, regeneration can be done using one of the main therapies (or both at the same time):

1 - Low-Level Laser Therapy
Which consists in using electromagnetic energy to restore general, sexual, genital, and penile homeostasis, again expanding atrophied adult cells by the ageing process, or due to inflammatory conditions. This therapy restores volume, elasticity, tonicity, and functionalities lost so far.
2 – Pharmacological therapy
Usually used in parallel with LLLT. This approach boosts hormone replacement, achieving similar effects on various tissues and organs essential for general health and sexual health in particular.
These methodologies translate into important results in sexual potency terms, libido, sexual energy, and general health.

Man is an indivisible whole, being mind and body inseparable, influencing each other, so that exists a localized intervention, restricted to disease manifestations, makes it impossible to truly recover sexual and general health. Therefore, to achieve the so-called good health state, it is necessary to promote, mutually and simultaneously, sexual and general health.

We prioritize the recovery and maintenance of general and sexual health, as a whole and not individually, thus addressing sexual condition in sexual energy and performance aspects, with weakness of the first leading to a progressive loss of personal power, leading to so-called impotence.


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