Impotence is a multifactorial pathology that affects both sexes at any age!

Impotence consists of a man’s inability to begin or maintain an erection, which could be manifest through different symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

Its causes can be organic, non-organic, or result from a combination of both. The main cause is chronic prostatitis presence.

The specialist’s mission is to identify the pathology origin in each patient to find a global and lasting response to the problem.

Nowadays, sexual impotence is no longer an exclusively male pathology. In reality, and because sex is always done in pairs, the central question is very simple: how to react to the partner impotence?

In the same way, this disease is not exclusive to the elderly. Although it affects most men over the age of 40, many men in their 30s (and, less frequently, even young men under the age of 20) are already seeking medical help to solve erectile dysfunction problems.


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