Growing old

The aging process is inevitable!
As time went on, somatic cells, at end-of-life, already are not replaced, unlike what happens in youth. To proceed with this replacement the somatic cells must be able to divide themselves, originating their multiplication, creating daughter cells, equal of initial one, whose function is replacing the aged and already dysfunctional cells. The cells non-renewal results in a range of diseases and pathologies such as dementia, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, among others.

Ageing Symptoms

The ageing symptoms are various. Usually, a result of a gradual development, until appeared with more evident:

  • Easy fatigue, physical and mental energy reduction;
  • Concentration capacity impairment, sociability and activity;
  • Memory difficulties, mood changes and irritability;
  • Ability decrease and willingness to exercise;
  • Well-being sense reduced, sleep and rest ability;
  • Sexual capacity limitation or lack of motivation.

Ageing Signals

The signs of aging are also diverse and easily identifiable:

  • Thinner and fragile hair due to falling and slower growth;
  • Increased wrinkles, sagging and blemished skin;
  • Thin and weakened nails and skin;
  • Pseudo gyneacomastia (apparent growth of males breasts);
  • Osteoporose;
  • Easily weight gain or accumulating subcutaneous and visceral fat;
  • Reduction of density, strength, and muscle volume.

Ageing diseases

As has already been mentioned, the ageing process can result in several pathologies. The most common are listed below:

  • Cardiovascular disease secondary to atherosclerosis;
  • Decreased renal function;
  • Increased blood fat concentration (hyperlipidemia) and decreased insulin resistance;
  • Decreased bone mass;
  • Decreased protein synthesis and healing ability;
  • Heart failure;
  • Decreased immune defense capacity;
  • Changes in the sensitivity concerning the development cancerous diseases processes.

Stop the Ageing process

Stop or delay the ageing process to reduce its health risks is the key to have a good life quality in ageing.

Today, anti-ageing medicine is a real possibility of delaying and even reversing ageing.

What to do?

Restore hormones that have been (or are) reducing their presence in the human body can help both sexes individuals to safely returning to their youthful condition. In other words, people can have longer and health years, with a much better life quality.

However, hormone levels and individual reactions change profoundly from person to person and over time vary within the individual for optimize results, wherefore is very important that hormone modulation therapy must be carefully adjusted and monitored.



Growing old
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