Anti-Ageing Medicine

Antiaging Medicine is not able to stop time, but it can slow the biological clock …

Anti-Ageing medicine is a medical specialty that has arisen about 30 years ago in United States as a movement which brought together from 12 doctors. These physicians conceptualized health in a totally innovative way that was based in the opinion that maintain health is the opposite of waiting passively for appearance of lesions or pathologies.

This new way of acting consists of a preventive attitude and action. The idea behind this new approach implies acting about ageing basic causes instead of mitigating its consequences.

This approach consists of bringing the biological, metabolic, and hormonal parameters of individuals over 40 years old (usually the moment when signs and symptoms of ageing begin to appear, being recently verified (from younger and younger ages) in a healthy person of 22 years (approximately). Biologically at this age the human being reaches the peak of his performance and, from then on, begins to age.

What is Anti-Ageing Medicine?

Based on the action and attitude of prevention, the anti-ageing medicine, to be effective, depends on the active participation of the patient, in which it is performed:

  • Hormonal Evaluation and Optimization;
  • Vitamin D Level Evaluation and Optimization;
  • Physical and Mental Healthy Lifestyle Incentive:
    • Regular Physical Exercise and Meditation recommendation;
    • Maintenance of cognitive challenge and stimulation;
    • Body Composition evolution;
    • Nutrition Consultation – changing eating habits;
    • Sleep Quality Optimization;
  • Tissue Renewal Promotion through Laser Medicine;
  • Genomic Information Analysis.
In addition to these solutions, everyone should seek one or more activities that simultaneously provide him/her with pleasure and allow the constant evolution and cognitive, mental, and material conquest, taking into account individual ambition. For some it can be a new business project, for others new language learning, patience resolution (or other games of logic and strategy), volunteering in an institution, course conducting, etc.

Anti-ageing medicine is not able to stop time, but it can delay the biological clock, substantially reducing the ageing acceleration, minimizing the pathologies probability, since all the necessary and indispensable raw materials for human balance are restored. Anti-Ageing Medicine is currently considered as the medicine of the present thinking about future.



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