The Clínica do Poder (which means Clinic Of The Power) is a medical clinic oriented, in all aspects, to restore, develop and enhance personal POWER that reveals itself in the youthful energy, in general health and cognitive capacity, and sexual strength.

Is a medical clinic specialized in the treatment and prevention of pathologies in Urology and Female and Male Sexual Health. Besides these specialties and because it is in prevention that can be seen the best results in Health, it also includes the specialties of Antiaging, Nutrition and Nutrigenomics, Immune System Strengthening, and Autoimmune Diseases.

The treatment, as well as prevention, is based on Laser Medicine (LLLT – Low-Level Laser Therapy), in conjunction with eating habits and lifestyle, where, whenever justified, it is combined with microimmunotherapy, hormonal modulation, vitamin and mineral supplementation, among others.



Men's Sexual Health

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