Erectile Dysfunction

About the importance of seeking medical help to treat Erectile Dysfunction in a timely manner.

Erectile Dysfunction is characterized by difficulties in reaching and/or maintaining an erection suitable for coitus satisfactory to both parties. Does not related to libido, or with sexual desire, of reach orgasm and ejaculation, and results from a blood flow reduction and/or abnormal venous drainage.

Recognizing sexual intercourse as a basic function of human life, the ability to reaching and maintain an erection can be vital to man’s self-esteem.

Erectile Dysfunction Occasional situations caused by tiredness, stress, or fatigue are common, however, when are reiterated, it is recommended to seek specialized medical help, since not treating this pathology may progress to Sexual Impotence.

It is estimated that, in Portugal, around 400,000 men have erectile dysfunction. Of these, only 15k/year seek medical help.

Erectile dysfunction has a cure. If you suffer from this pathology seek specialized medical help! Do not suffer in silence!

Say “NO!” to sexual impotence!

Risk Factors and Behaviors which may Develop Erectile Dysfunction

Presence of:

  • High cholesterol (Dyslipidemia);
  • Diabetes;
  • Hypertension (HTA);
  • Excess Weight or Obesity;
  • Prostatitis;

As well as having smoking and/or drinking habits and sedentarism, can, alone or cumulatively, influence or constitute a risk, more or less severe, to develop erectile dysfunction.

In a study that evaluated people in a pre-pathological state of the cardiovascular system, the main risk factors were identified:

By combining 3 or more of the above risk factors, the body loses the ability to respond to physical effort (particularly during sex), however moderate it may be.


Erectile dysfunction, like most sexual dysfunctions, can have several causes that often influence each other. We highlight:

Organic causes which, as the name indicates, come from physical or chemical factors depending on health patient’s state and habits, such as:

  • Prostatitis presence;
  • Hormonal changes;
  • Hypogonadism
  • Smoking;
  • Alcohol consumption;
  • Heart disease;
  • Diabetes;

Non-Organic causes, in particular:

  • Stress;
  • Emotional disorders;
  • Relationship conflicts;

Mixed causes, which constitute an organic and non-organic factor set simultaneously.

Treatment *

The pathology treatment, when prostatitis or other circulatory factors are present, may include low-intensity laser therapy application, negative pressure programs, electrotherapy, pharmacological therapy, hormone modulation, and whenever it is verified, reduction or, preferably, detected risk factors elimination and/or behaviors.

* The recommended treatment plan always requires a prior clinical evaluation to observe your indication.


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