Physical Exercise

Physical exercise becomes progressively more important as we get older.

Regular exercise, together with an appropriate diet, are fundamental points in anti-ageing medicine and are also the basis for a strong and efficient immune system.

The benefits of regular exercise become more evident as age progresses, a phase of life in which there is a greater tendency to physical and chemical limitations, making this regular practice an essential attitude for maintaining health and life quality.

A fit body is the greatest ally against old age and disease, regardless of age, physical condition, or motor limitations of individuals.

The exercising benefits for health and well-being are well known, and most doctors encourage it.

Old people lose muscle mass, the ability to use oxygen decreases, joints become stiff, the movement gets more difficult and metabolism slows down.

Regular exercise is therefore important for:

  • Prevent bone demineralization – by mobilizing the minerals presence in the blood and bone and helping to fix them;
  • Prevent sarcopenia/loss of muscle mass – by improving circulation and boosting muscle cell renewal;
  • Avoiding intestinal problems – by stimulating intestinal peristaltic movements, thus helping to prevent accumulation of harmful substances that produce inflammation and reduce nutrients absorption;
  • Activating brain neuronal renewal and maintaining optimal cognitive ability.

Other benefits of regular exercise:

  • Increasing metabolic regimes;
  • Reducing risk of heart disease;
  • Improving posture;
  • Decreasing percentage fat body;
  • Reducing stress;
  • Increasing energy and concentration;
  • Increasing physical strength and youthfulness;
  • A better ability to socialize and work;
  • Increasing self-esteem;
  • General improvement of life quality.



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