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Expert´s in Sexual Health and Anti-Aging

Male and Female Sexual Health are inseparable from a general state of health. In fact, healthy sexual conditions at any age involve a good state of general health that is both physical and psychological. This is a crucial component of Anti-Aging Medicine.

At the “Clínica do Poder: Dr. José Pereira da Silva”, Energy and Sexual Health are intimately connected with the practice of Anti-Aging Medicine. Its main objective is to improve the quality of life by delaying and sometimes reverting signs and symptoms related with aging.

Whenever necessary and possible, our clinical practice of Anti-Aging Medicine also makes use of precise genetic data based on the analysis of the patient´s DNA, in order to improve or maintain his health and well-being. This way we provide to the ongoing process of aging the means to revert its signs and symptoms. We do this by matching on one side sexual health and sexual energy, and on the other side the prevention of diseases and regeneration of the organism, a match that at any age represents the essence of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Erectile Function is influenced by the proper functioning of a variety of organs and systems. A change in one or more of these organs can produce and effect that results in erectile dysfunction, particularly if it´s not correctly addressed by the restauration of ideal health conditions. Sexual energy as well as sexual and erectile functions is also conditioned by each person´s age, despite being a man or a woman. Anti-Aging Medicine allows among other benefits, the recovery and optimization of sexual health and sexual energy.

Chiefly, not only is indispensable to regain an appropriate Erectile Function as it is to normalize or ameliorate General Health conditions, making interventions in damaged organs and systems to restore them and also implementing new cumulative effects on health that will bring progress.

If we only focus in the manifestations of disease and limit ourselves to that attitude, it will never be possible to really restore sexual health. Although we may momentarily treat disease, the undermining and unfavorable conditions will endure and even worsen. Altogether we should simultaneously promote optimal levels of sexual energy and sexual health, general health, energy, autonomy, cognitive and physical skills, at any age and for any age.

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