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Identifying Menopause

Test to identifying Menopause

This test evaluates your oestrogen levels:

Never Moderately Frequentemente
Reduce breast size
Dry eyes, lower vaginal secretion
Too longer or too shorter cycles
Headaches during menstruations
Hot flushes
Fine wrinkles (of the upper lip)
Joint pain (bottom of your back)
Loss of hair at the top of the head
Vaginal infections, vaginitis
Constant fatigue
Tendency for depression
Decreased sexual interest
Total: 0

Discover the test results

Frame the total score of your test in the following table

0 to 7
Everything is ok.
8 to 14
A minor oestrogen deficiency is occurring during one of the cycle. You such seek your doctor.
15 to 20
You’re in Pre-menopause, your oestrogens are very low and may be causing uncomfortable feelings. You need treatment.
21 to 24
You´re in menopause. It´s time to make an appointment to know with your doctor if you can do hormone replacement therapy and if you can take the best benefits from it.