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Identifying Andropause

Identifying Andropause


Never Moderately Frequentemente
Pale face
Less muscular strength, less resistance
Gynaecomastia (augmented breast volume)
More abdominal fat
More irritable and nervous character
Fatigue, ennui
Decrease in memory and concentration
Decrease in sexual motivation (libido)
Decrease in sexual power
Sleep disorders
Less morning secretions
Tendency to fall asleep after meals
Total: 0

Discover the test results

Frame the total score of your test in the following table

0 to 7
Surely, there is nothing missing in you in terms of male hormones. Godspeed!
8 to 13
Some deficiencies are starting to emerge. Check your health and do analysis! Andropause starts, don´t get caught
14 to 24
You´re in Andropause, after your medical analysis you can recover with the proper treatment