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Acute and Chronic Cystitis

  • Cystitis either acute or chronic is treatable in many ways. Laser therapy is one of them

    Cystitis is an inflammation in the bladder that is generally associated to urinary and genital infections. It´s frequent in women of fertile ages where the infection occurs in an ascending way through the urethral channel.
    The occurrence of cystitis in women is a possibility that is due to anatomic particularities of the urinary tract.

    • Overactive bladder;
    • Proximity between the vagina, the anus and the opening of the urethra;
    • Particularities in the epithelial layers of the bladder’s trigone, the urethra and the vagina;
    • High incidence of infections in the genital organs.

    These factors generate favorable conditions to the permanence and proliferation of microflora in one of the organs of the urogenital tract and also in the development of chronic pathologies.

    Acute cystitis is a very common disease in clinical practice. Normally, the diagnosis is easy to make. The treatment includes the administration of antibacterial drugs and a diet that excludes spicy and acidic food. Laser Therapy can be applied right after diagnosis and will offer significant therapeutic and regenerative effects (not only symptomatic) when combined with the conventional treatment.

    On the other hand, the treatment of chronic cystitis requires a more prolonged treatment that includes the conventional antibacterial therapy but also the instillation of antiseptics in the bladder and finally low-level laser therapy. This treatment can be repeated 10 days after the first one and without associating it with other treatments. The laser therapy efficiency is evaluated according to the progress, the general state of the patient and clinical and laboratorial exams.

    Acute cystitis presents a set of treatments that are distinct from chronic cystitis but in both of them the woman will benefit very much from the use of laser therapy (together with other techniques).