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  • Combination of various techniques to enhance urologic treatment

    In this specific area, laser allows us the possibility to operationalize certain interventions that go through and over some delicate fibers of our body. For example, we can vaporize some kidney stones every time they are in a vertical position. Hemorrhoids can also be treated in the same way, using only some local anesthetic in order to significantly reduce the patient´s pain.
    It is possible that your doctor requests for some exams before deciding the best treatment for your specific case. Some of those exams might be:

    • Recent echography;
    • Spermogram (in some specific cases);
    • Blood samples;
    • Blood samples with PSA values;
    • Complementary tests like the RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin), usually done in cases of syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases;
    • HIV test;
    • Microbiologic test (only in very concrete cases).

    The treatment will be a combination of different techniques spread throughout a variable number of sessions:

    • Laser massage to the prostatic gland (10-15 sessions);
    • Laser treatment with supravenous or intravenous application (5-7 sessions);
    • Intra-urethral laser treatment (5-7 sessions);
    • Special massage for specific cases (8-12 sessions);

    The treatment needs to be repeated 4 to 6 months later.

    There are also numerous pathologies applicable and indicated for laser treatment:

    • Cystitis;
    • Urethritis;
    • Prostatitis (acute and chronic);
    • Prostate Adenoma;
    • Orchitis;
    • Orchiepididymitis;
    • Genital Herpes;
    • Impotence;
    • Premature Ejaculation;
    • Peyronie Disease.

    Nonetheless, laser treatment is not suitable to patients that suffer from prostate cancer.
    This sort of treatment presents a variety of effects that normalize erection like anti-inflammatory effects, resorption effects, analgesic, biostimulant and immunoestimulant.
    The benefits of laser treatment are more than a few:

    • When combined with other specific therapies it enhances their efficiency;
    • Improves microcirculation;
    • Normalizes the prostate dimensions;
    • We can paired it up with reflexology;
    • It enhances the prostate elasticity;

    Urology also uses Photodynamic Treatment to cure tumors in the bladder.

    Urologic treatments are very much improved by the combination of various techniques, particularly with laser. In truth, the benefits of laser treatments ranges from a myriad of pathologies like prostatitis, premature ejaculation, Peyronie disease, impotence and genital herpes.