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  • An adequate diet is able to contradict the genetic predisposition for certain diseases.

    Nutrigenomics, also named nutritional genomics, is a science that studies the impact that nutrients have on our genetics, that is, the way in which nutrients affect the expression and function of genes. It is governed by the dictum “your food is your medicine”. Sustained by this saying, Nutrigenomics offers means to prevent and treat the development of diseases by using specific food and diets.

    Although we are different in the physical sense, we all share 99% of the human genome – the difference of only 0,1% is related with the variations of skin, eyes and hair colour; with a bigger or lesser propensity to the development of chronic diseases and the nutritional needs and bioactive need of food compounds.
    These differences are known by single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP´s). Nowadays, we know more than 10 millions SNP´s in the human genome. But if it is not easy to change our genes, we can use diet to modify their expression and ensure a respective stabilization.

    To understand these modifications and act applying an adequate nutritional response, can make the difference in significantly improving the genetic expression and the organ´s functionality, as well as its metabolism.

    Beyond the various modification sources, genes can be activated or silenced according to the food and nutritional consumption.

    Hence, the genomic analysis can warn us of:

    • The condition of certain organs, including Liver, Intestine, Pancreas and Heart.
    • The presence or absence of essential enzymes to the detoxification process;
    • Susceptibility for developing specific pathologies;
    • The existence of concrete nutritional deficiencies;
    • The existence of food intolerances;
    • Alterations in the lipidic, glycaemic, hormonal and cognitive metabolic levels;
    • Iron Levels;
    • Maintaining bone health;
    • Balancing the immunologic function.

    Because nutrients and bioactive compounds are present in food in different combinations they end up having a lower influence compared with synthetic molecules, nevertheless, they can act in synergy. Hence, since our eating can influence gene expression, genes can also determine the need to obtain certain nutrients.

    To know these parameters in detail and for each person, allows us to enable a set of procedures:

    - Elaborate a counseling plan that is suitable in terms of the type and quantity of food to eat;
    - Enunciating substances you need to avoid;
    - Planning a strategy to rejuvenate new cells, in order to improve the general state of health, the energy and the vitality – in essence, the quality of life.

    Together with the Nordic Laboratories, the Clínica do Poder offers to clients of all ages, the opportunity to trace their genetic profile and to know how to improve their genetic expression. In the genetic evaluation we analyze the different base parameters and some of the specific genes related with certain organic areas. Among the most main procedures he have the following:

    - DNA Health Test – Vital test to empower health and longevity. It identifies the oxidation process, bone health, the presence of inflammations in the organism and resistance to insulin, among others.
    - DNA Oestrogen – Allows the identification of the diet and the type of intervention that is more suitable to the incorporation of a breast and prostate cancer prevention protocol.
    - DNA Diet – Helps to identify weight management issues, genetic predisposition to develop excessive weight and the obstacles in terms of weight loss.
    - DNA Sport – Clarifies what is the most adequate type of exercise/physical activity in which the client must invest, in order to optimize their training program and their general state of health.

    Genetics – Field of biology that studies the transference of physical and biologic characteristics from generation to generation.
    Functional Genomics – Field of biology that describes the gene´s and the protein functions.
    In the Nutrigenomic appointments we adapt our procedures to each client. Make your appointment!

    Nutrigenomics, the specific nutrition with the 21st century POWER!