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  • A healthy nutrition is suitable to each person and requires a general diagnosis of pathologies and behaviors.

    Competition, uncertainty and the inherent demands of our actual society in the last decades, have generated situations of stress and anxiety that resulted in inadequate eating habits. In parallel with these behaviors, urban circumstances present consequences that are more or less severe for our health - metabolic dysregulations, intoxications and generalized inflammations, are a few of those examples.

    In fact, sooner or later the relation between nutritional deficiency, metabolic dysregulation and intoxication issues, is subsequently manifested through a symptomatology associated with typical pathologies of western societies – obesity, depression, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, sleeping disorders, asthma, stomach ulcers, hyper or hypothyroidism, renal failure, sexual impotence, sterility and inclusively, hepatic cirrhosis and cancer.

    ‘We are what we eat’ – Becoming aware of this fact and of everything that is implied in it, leads us to the need of realizing how food and eating habits empower our quality of life. In effect, it is for our common interest that we prevent and/or treat these situations. But how can we do it? It is simple: we only need to have the Power to Know how to Eat.
    All these processes start through cycle effects that are infectious, viral, degenerative, acid and above all, inflammatory.

    Hippocrates said “May your food be your medicine” (460-377 a.C.) – so if we want to live the reality of this idea and put it into practice we should act in a way that helps our organism in the fight and neutralization against the processes that deteriorate tissues, organs and the metabolic system.
    Nutritional counseling starts by getting to know in a personalized way, the client´s chemical, organic and psychoemotional contexts, with the purpose of finding a proper balance of free radicals and neutralizing antioxidants – a formula for health.

    This way, the multidisciplinary team of Clínica do Poder elaborates a Personalized Eating Plan based on the objectives proposed by the client, the detailed evaluation of their food history and the biochemical, anthropometric and bioimpendence analysis.
    Whenever necessary, other evaluations can be endorsed.

    Since childhood and throughout the growing process, certain serious nutritional deficiencies are revealed which require compensation or simply a general organic regulation, particularly at the time when the anomalous symptoms are detected. Knowing nutritional needs in each step of the growing process as well as the active principles of certain foods will make pregnancy, breast feeding and the child’s development healthier.

    Physical exercise (heals body and mind) is done together with the food educational process. People that practice intensive physical activity need an Adequate Functional Diet – sources of energy adapted to exercise. Not less important, they should govern themselves by neutralizing food behaviors and muscular replacement. Sometimes, an oriented consumption of supplements can become useful. The main objective is to strengthen all the muscular, articular and tendinous system, avoid injury and heal them.

    The vision implied in the Antiaging Celular Diet can be applied in persons of any age and has beneficial effects in all types of metabolic systems. Aging can and should be experienced with a meaningful quality of life with no need to conform with the lack of energy, with obesity, lack of sexual desire or cognitive impairments. Not to accept this demands action, and beyond that, specialized guidance.

    The Clínica do Poder also uses Nutrigenomics, a cutting edge science that allows us to know the genetic constitution of different organic systems. By the means of genetic analysis we´re able to know the condition of certain organs, as well as the person´s susceptibility to diseases, nutritional needs, food tolerance, synergic inter-relation with the biologic rhythms, predispositions to certain physical activities, among others. Obtaining specific data regarding the organ´s genetics and metabolisms allows the decrease in the incidence of acute and chronic pathologies, as well as avoiding signs of premature aging through the elaboration of diet plans and an eating education program of excellence.

    A customized diet adapted to each individual is an imperative for good health. However, this process requires proper knowledge and specific preparation. In order to achieve the best results possible at the Clínica do Poder – Dr. José Pereira da Silva we use methods like Nutrigenomics and Antiaging Cellular Diet. Come and meet us.