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  • Impotence as a multifactorial pathology affecting both genders, at any age. Impotence is the man´s inability to initiate or maintain an erection, which can manifest itself in different symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Its causes are organic, psychological and sometimes they are a combination of both.

    The specialist mission is to identify the origin of the pathology in each patient, in order to find the most global and lasting solution to the current issue.

    Actually, sexual impotence is no longer an exclusive pathology of the male gender. In truth, and since sex is made with two, the main issue lies in a very simple question: how to respond to the partner´s impotence?

    Similarly, this disease is not exclusive of old age and although it has an effect on men with more than 40 years old, there is a substantial amount of men in their thirties (and also a few number of them before their twenties) that seek medical help to resolve erectile dysfunction problems.

    Impotence Bulletin
    Erectile function is a complex and multifactorial phenomenon. What this means is that any kind of alteration among the systems involved can lead to erectile dysfunction.
    In the universe of the Portuguese male´s population there is the estimation that more than 400 thousand men suffer from this pathology. However, only 10 thousand of them seek medical help or professional counselling every year to resolve the problem.

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