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Male Sexual Health

  • Male sexual performance is determined by the man´s general state of health

    Male sexual health relies primarily on a man´s good general state of health. This means that a normal erectile function with positive levels of sexual energy requires a favourable state of general health, besides a good sexual condition.
    Some degrading health conditions in men can easily translate into a clinical picture of erectile dysfunction. Since this picture will bring a set of psychological, physical and social impairments, it is of the utmost importance to resolve these health conditions as quickly as possible.
    Provisionally these types of clinical pictures can be well treated, but nevertheless, results will not prevail in time if the original unfavourable conditions that started all of this remain untreated. In fact, they can aggravate to a point of causing impotence (lack of POWER).
    Hence, it is imperative to hold a broad and effective intervention that produces long-lasting results.

    Ways to normalize sexual function

    First of all, in order to restore normal erectile function and reestablish sexual energy we need to regenerate unhealthy organs and systems. This process consists on recovering previous anatomical and physiological characteristics.

    Within the specific case of the male sexual organ, the process of regeneration can be done with the use of one or more of the following therapies (Some of them at the same time):
    1 – Magneto-laser physiotherapy. Consists of using electromagnetic energy to reestablish homeostasis at general, sexual, genital and penial levels. This is done by expanding once again the adult cells that were atrophied by the aging process and/or the inflammatory conditions. This therapy develops mater and pater cells, restores the lost volume, elasticity, tonicity and function.
    2 – Pharmacotherapy. In here, hormonal replacement is achieved with the use of pharmaceutical drugs, which will attain similar effects on organs and tissues that are essential to health in general, and to sexual health in particular.

    Both these processes do render good results at the levels of sexual potency, libido, sexual energy and health in general.
    In truth, man is a unified and indivisible whole where body and mind are inseparable and constantly influencing each other mutually. Hence, if we use a localized intervention that is only fixated in the signs and symptoms of a disease, we will never achieve a forthright recovery in our sexual health.
    Since sexual and general health are indissociably related, it is imperative that we endorse them in a mutual and simultaneous manner.
    This way, we have developed an integrated concept that not only acts on pathology but also holds recovery and the maintenance of general and sexual health as privileged assets of these actions. We approach the sexual condition in terms of Sexual Energy and Sexual Performance, in which the impairment of the first creates a progressive loss of PERSONAL POWER that leads to IMPOTENCE.

    In order to maintain sexual energy and sexual health a man should stay healthy in general. Fight your way through erectile dysfunction and achieve your best sexual performance.


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