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Possible applications of Laser Medicine

  • Possible applications of Laser Medicine

    The biologic balance of all living organisms is underpinned by light and energy, both of them are crucial for the future of Medicine.
    Any kind of pathology implies within her some kind of dyssynchrony or unbalance. Pain or indispositions for example, can initiate at any phase of the transition process between what we call health and what we call disease. Or, they can also be originated in a cellular, tissue or organic disorder or even at an organismic general level.

    The degree, genesis and type of dyssynchrony can provide particularly relevant information to the doctor, allowing him to build a diagnosis and prognosis regarding the conditions of each biologic system.

    The respective unbalance and/or disorder can be removed either by adequate processes of the natural environment (without environment changes), or by the action of a proper artificial multi-frequency..

    Any cell, independently of how simple it might be, is a dynamic and complex system in which energy assumes different forms and travels through various molecules that act continuously in order to build new cellular structures.

    Each living being struggles to maintain his complexity, avoiding the destruction of his biologic system. We need to remind us of the importance of the bio-energetic processes, since it´s through them that the cells of an organism are able to obtain and transform energy, like in the cases of photosynthesis, fermentation, breathing and chemosynthesis.

    Since the sun is the primary source of energy for all living beings, his light is stored in organic molecules. This respective energy is consumed by the numerous species that constitute the ecosystem, including men.

    The external influence doesn´t require
    Nevertheless, there are frequent signs that can reveal us he set of changes that occurred inside the organism, and there are other signs that are able to produce steady changes in the biologic, functional and structural levels, thus allowing the elimination of any dyssynchrony.
    Light and energy are the steppingstones of our biologic balance and the future path to heal our organism.