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Mechanisms of the Therapeutic Effect

  • Mechanisms of the therapeutic effect of low level laser therapy

    Benefits of low level radiation therapy are manifested in all fields of medicine
    Today it is common knowledge that low level laser therapy has biologic benefits of anti-inflammatory, analgesic and cicatrising nature, through the phenomenon of bio-stimulation. In truth, the process is quite simple: the released therapeutic laser radiation intercedes in the metabolism of target-cells, producing bio-stimulant effects that are manifested in cellular and vascular processes which apparently, interfere in a direct way with the process of regeneration of cells.
    The trigging mechanism of biologic reactions, induced by low level laser therapy is unique (it´s not specific of a given cell, tissue or organ, thus influences all of them) and probably, it´s conditioned by the universality of the homeostasis mechanisms of maintenance and regulation. In other terms, these relations are not direct but dependent on the activation of the energetic centres of the living cell.
    Thanks to the development of laser therapy low level laser radiation is today considered as an external factor responsible only for the triggering of physiologic reactions, which means that the biologic action has to be met under the perspective of a dynamic interaction between low level laser therapy and the biologic object.
    When we face this phenomenon has a thermodynamic interaction between low level laser therapy and the biologic structure, we are able, with amazing ease, of not only explaining the already known effects but also to predict the outcomes.
    This way, to elaborate this present text we analyzed bibliographic references encompassing the mechanisms of biologic action as well as the clinical use of low level laser therapy.
    We also used recent studies in the fields of biochemistry and physiology, at the level of the living cell and at the level of men´s general organization of the homeostatic regulation. The outcomes allowed us to conclude and presume results that were later duly proven my numerous trials and clinical studies.

    We know now that electromagnetic forces engage a fundamental role in the organization of living nature: all the process implied in the living cell, chemical reactions, ion exchange, mitochondrial protonic transferences, among others, are manifestations of these electromagnetic forces.
    The organism’s physiology is no exception to this: the contraction of the cardiac muscle, the blood flow, digestion or the transmission of nervous impulses, are all manifestations of electromagnetism.
    The processes that develop during the absorption of energy of low level laser therapy also have electromagnetic nature: the transformation of energy from the electromagnetic field happens in multiple biologic reactions in all organizational levels of the living organism.
    On the other hand, the regulation of these biologic reactions is done by diverse means. This is the reason why the induced low level laser therapy effects are so multifaceted.

    In this case we are only seeing the unleashing of self-regulating processes, that is, the self-recovery of an unbalanced homeostasis.
    As so, there is nothing of surprising in the universality of the therapeutic effect of low level laser therapy, since it´s nothing more than the result of the correction of the organism´s pathologic condition, manifested in the maintenance of our physiologic regulation when it´s out of its normal limits.
    Low frequency lasers have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing effects, manifested by the bio-stimulation of target cells whose metabolic processes are affected by the therapeutic laser.

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