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Laser Medicine

  • Benefits of Laser Medicine are seen in countless pathologies

    Nowadays there is a great amount of doctors spread throughout the world that use drug-free methods to regulate the functions of the organism. This tendency is increasing day by day since these doctors are achieving effective results not only when these methods are used exclusively, but also when combined with other medications.
    Recent scientific advancements in the area of quantic electronics have caused a deep and stimulating impact in medical science, as well as in engineering and clinical research. In fact, while being incorporated in the medical laser devices, the optic quantum generators brought endless sources of healing to different pathologies.
    Throughout 50 years of clinical investigation with low level laser therapy (LLLT), we have gathered abundant knowledge regarding the interaction between laser and biologic structures.

    There are now evident reasons to spread the awareness of the important efficiency of medical laser treatments.

    On one side, the number of patients allergic to some specific drugs is swiftly growing. As a result and in order to resolve the issue, new methods for fighting pathologic processes are now being investigated.
    On the other side, low level laser therapy shows a set of benefits in the medications cost/benefit relations. The reason for this is due to its wide spectrum of action as well as for its high prophylactic and therapeutic efficiency.
    Last but not least, low level laser therapy is painless and non-invasive.

    Benefits of low level laser therapy
    Laser radiation presents various kinds of advantages:

    • Activates various physiologic processes;
    • Increases energetic interchangeability, non-specific resistivity and imunne system;
    • Enhances anti-inflammatory effects, analgesic, anti-allergic, radio-protector and micro-protector;
    • Restores the elasticity of the cellular membranes;
    • Normalizes the lymphatic and blood micro-circulation by stimulating the function of tissues, organs and the whole human organism through the activation of metabolic and enzymatic systems.

    In our clinical practice we have obtained excellent results with the use of low level laser therapy exclusively or combined with other medications according to each specific situation. We do so with the objective of maximizing its therapeutic efficiency and associated benefits.
    We also rely on laser for the field of Sexual Health, particularly in the cases of prostatitis, urethritis, cystitis, erectile dysfunction – impotence or infertility.

    Also, we use this technique to optimize the individual in challenging areas like the maximization of physical and psychological potential of sportspeople, mainly high performance athletes.

    Anti-aging Medicine is another area that uses laser to improve patients significantly, generally or in specific terms. For instance, it has the ability to improve vision by reducing and even sometimes end the need of using spectacles.