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Treatments for Women

  • Treatments to maximize women´s health

    Each phase of life brings new challenges to female´s health. We offer solutions for them.

    Our techniques are designed to significantly improve a woman´s health during the different phases of her life, either in terms of prevention as well as in terms of recovery. We have achieved encouraging results in the treatment of various disturbances that develop throughout the phases of a woman´s life, for example:

    • During the menstrual cycle;
    • Through gestation;
    • In birth (and after-birth);
    • Breast-feeding;
    • In menopause;
    • During old-age.

    With the purpose of searching the enhancement of a woman´s physical and emotional health, these types of treatments can be applied simultaneously with other ones:

    • Proper diet;
    • Supervised physical exercise;
    • Pharmacotherapy;
    • Eliminating or reducing factors that cause high states of emotional stress;
    • Healing (or a significant improvement) of associated diseases;
    • Practising Meditation.

    Our techniques have distinct origins and modes of treatment, but they act in synergy in order to maximize the goals and results we endeavour with our patients.
    Before starting any of our treatments, you need to take some exams no matter the kind of treatment you might be following:

    • Gynaecological exam with cervical and vaginal cytology (Pap Test);
    • Mammography and Gynaecological Echography;
    • Hormonal exams and lipid profile;
    • Densitometries (to analyse your bone consistency);
    • Other exams, eventually necessary according to the patient´s clinical history;

    Laser Therapy
    Laser therapy offers additional and localized energy that creates beneficial effects at cellular levels, which are fundamental to reestablish the balance in conditions that aim to the prevention of diseases or it´s respective cure.
    This therapy works at a cellular level, boosting the body´s natural abilities to cure. The 21st century medical paradigm considers it an excellent opportunity to endorse a treatment that, if it succeeds, will allow the recovery of the individual´s health either in the case of reversible impairments, as well as in slowing down the progression of non-reversible impairments.
    But restoring the health of another is much more than merely treating pathologies. In fact, when patients look for us, generally, we testify the coexistence of 2 or more diseases and their respective symptoms.
    By “Recovering” the individual´s biological age, in its physical, emotional intellectual and psychological wholeness (and partially in the organs and systems where we´ve identified disease), we can also reestablish its sexual health.

    Laser therapy brings us various benefits at the tissue level:

    • Improvement of the blood and lymphatic microcirculation (circulations in the microvessels);
    • Augmentation of the venous and lymphatic flux;
    • Repairing and promoting regenerative action at the tissue level;
    • Enhancement of the immune system;
    • Promotion of the collagen synthesis;
    • Fat metabolic balance;
    • Augmentation of protein synthesis ant enzymatic activity;
    • Normalization of blood pressure;
    • Increase of the ATP formation (cellular energy);
    • Increase in the production of RNA and DNA (molecules that carry our genetic material).

    We can also observe different effects at a clinical level;

    • Anti-inflammatory;
    • Myocardial protection;
    •  Cardioprotection;
    • Blood vessel protection;
    • Allergy protection;
    • Radiation protection;
    • Spasmolytic;
    • Analgesic;
    • Anxiolytic;
    • Psychostimulant.

    The hormone replacement therapy (TSH)
    This treatment can be applied in diverse ways, each way will depend upon the particular needs of each woman. It has different types of administration:

    • Orally (taking pills);
    • Applying an implant;
    • Applying a cream;
    • Applying bandages or stickers to the skin.

    However, some women require specific methods like the case of diabetic and insulin dependent women, in which the majority of doctors favor the application of dermal bands or bandages. The treatment is based in the application of a combination of estrogen and progesterone doses, suitable according to each woman.

    Natural techniques for maintaining women´s health
    Consult your doctor regularly. You will have a specialist´s advice regarding the existent alternatives for your particular case. Choose the options that will make you feel better. For example, swimming, walking and dedicating more time to what you enjoy doing are some of the activities that will contribute to eliminate stressful states of mind during this phase.
    Practicing Yoga is a great solution. It is one of the fast growing industries and it has great acceptance especially among women. It offers good emotional balance and includes a substantial set of relaxation techniques. Furthermore, it keeps you fit without the need to endure big physical efforts.
    We maximize a woman´s health from puberty to menopause. Either with hormone replacement therapy, laser therapy or other treatment´s, we personalize each one of them. Come and meet us!