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Bioidentic Hormone Modulation

  • What is Hormone Modulation?

    Hormone Modulation can increase a patient’s general performance straight to levels of full youth.
    Hormone Modulation is a method that uses laboratorial exams to set the patient´s hormonal profile and to identify his specific needs. Lab results allow the definition of the most suitable therapeutic treatment in a way that, in the initial phase, the patient may recover his hormonal balance and achieve optimal hormonal pattern.
    The best hormonal pattern is equivalent to the state of full youth, which is something somewhere near the ages of 25 to 30 years old. In order to achieve optimal performance we should seek hormonal levels that are compatible with youth. In truth, we get old because the number of available hormones in the organism decrease and not the opposite.

    The difference between Hormone Modulation and Hormone Replacement
    Hormone Replacement only tries to reestablish hormonal levels into their optimal values, in order to turn them compatible with the patient´s chronological age (normal levels).
    In the case of Hormone Modulation, a supplementation is done through bioidentical hormones and other nutrients like amino acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants. In doing so we tend to reach optimal hormone levels that are compatible with the values encountered in adolescence and early adulthood, that is, values that stand for the highest signs of health and well-being in our development.

    Who can benefit from Hormone Modulation?
    All patients that wish to reach optimal performance at their physical, intellectual and mental levels are the ones who can most benefit from Hormone Modulation. This treatment allows substantial improvements in a multitude of symptoms such as:

    • Mental and physical exhaustion;
    • Memory impairments (easily forgetting things);
    • General discouragement towards life;
    • Sexual disheartenment (low levels of libido);
    • Among others;
    Hence, the Hormone Modulation is adequate to all patients that wish to improve their quality of life and delay their aging process, or simply to maintain their virility and well-being for a longer period of time. This process should be combined with a well-adjusted diet and adequate practice of physical exercise.

    Treatment phases in Hormone Modulation
    The process starts with a medical appointment of approximately one hour, in order to know the patient’s medical history, his complaints and major concerns. At this moment blood samples are requested to analyze the state of various functions, mainly the hormonal ones that will help identify eventual insufficiencies.
    A set of exams are also requested to clarify the patient´s general state of health. Among the most common are ultrasounds, X-Rays, mammograms and bone densitometry.

    Main substances prescribed in the treatments of Hormone Modulation
    Bioidentical hormones are used during this treatment. They are exactly like the ones produced by our glands. Until recently, similar hormones were used with plant extracts and animal derivatives. However, we know today that these hormones are not adequate to this effect, since they cause disorders in the receptors and can cause harm to human health.
    By deciphering the human genetic code, the Human Genome Project allowed the production of bioidentical hormones.

    Today, by recombining genetic engineering, we have modified the nucleus of the bacteria and we are now able to make her produce equal human hormones. This is a tremendous scientific advancement;
    We also use means and substances that protect us from cellular oxidation, a process that is particularly responsible for our aging. Low level laser therapy with its regenerating effects upon the nervous system, improves the brain blood circulation and as a result, memory and disposition are enhanced.

    Health advantages of Hormonal Modulation
    Since the beginning of civilization Man has pursued the perpetuation of youth. In this sense, the benefits of starting a Hormone Modulation treatment are very clear:

    • Development of a younger body;
    • Maintaining an optimal performance at professional, psychologic and sexual levels, consistent with youth but enjoying the experience that maturity offers.

    Duration of Hormone Modulation Treatment
    Usually these treatments last throughout life. Most of the cases, people who experience this treatment end out reaping good fruits and no longer desire to experience the decadent process of their bodies, minds, spirits and general performances.