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Testes ADN

  • The area of genetic research is at the forefront of clinical science. Few fields have reacted so positively to this progress in personalized medicine like this respective one. Genetic studies related to metabolism, lifestyle diseases, sports performance and nutrition, are making it possible to incorporate individual genetic responses within treatment protocols.

    The impact of diet, lifestyle, exercise and environment on our individual genetic makeup, should never be underestimated. The ability to know how genes are activated by external factors enables us to develop highly effective, personalized treatments. Whether your patient suffers chronic disease or is at the apparent peak of fitness, a genetic profile can reveal the subtlest keys to proper treatment and training regimes.

    The following aspects of health can be tested by a Genetic Profiling:

    • Capacity to bio-transform and eliminate chemicals from the environment and food compounds;
    • Capacity to process fats and carbohydrates and the impact of these dietary components on weight management;
    • Predisposition to slow or fast weight gain;
    • Types of predominant muscle fibers and best exercise regimes adapted to individual genetic abilities;
    • Predisposition to injuries relating to inflammation, bone and joint strength;
    • Key elements affecting sports performance and individualized protocols targeting specific genetic limitations;
    • Oestrogen biosynthesis and metabolism;
    • Personalized strategies to promote healthier ageing by targeting specific key genes;
    • Individual needs to maintain a healthier cardiovascular system and prevention of lifestyle diseases.

    At the Clínica do Poder you have the unmissable opportunity to trace your genetic profile through the realization of 4 specific DNA Tests:

    • DNA Health
    • DNA Estrogen
    • DNA Diet
    • DNA Sport

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