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Testosterone in Women

  • Testosterone in Women

    Testosterone insufficiency in women presents inconveniences that we should be careful about.
    Although it is the main male hormone, Testosterone has a relevant role in a women´s health. However, the medical community sometimes ignores or doesn´t value this reality.

    The loss of sexual desire is typically credited to psychological causes, stress, depression and relational problems. For a long time the androgen treatment - the testosterone – and the amelioration of symptomatology that it brought, was simply ignored.

    There was no consensus’s around the laboratorial results in order to endorse the diagnosis. In truth, the male medical community didn´t knew how to manage this condition so they made the choice of ignoring it.

    At that time Testosterone was only considered by its value to sexual intercourse and to the male gender. Notwithstanding, today we still see these kinds of realities but the transition to a new approach and worldview regarding this hormone is clearly done.

    Symptoms of testosterone insufficiency in women
    The insufficiency of this hormone in the female organism is manifested through diverse symptoms:

    • Decrease in desire, thoughts and sexual fantasies;
    • Reducing of sexual intercourse;
    • There is a drop in sexual excitement, orgastic response, orgasmic intensity and vaginal lubrication drop;
    • Less energy and physical strength;
    • Increase in fatigue;
    • Lowering of the bodies thin and as a consequence the body fat mass increases;
    • Loss of pubic hair;
    • Loss of bone density;
    • Changes in the general state of well-being (feelings of tiredness, back pain, among others).

    Advantages of the Testosterone hormone treatment in women

    • Diminishing or eliminating the deterioration of muscles, bones, joints and tendons;
    • Protection against breast cancer, cardiac diseases and depression;
    • Increase of energy and physical strength;
    • Better metabolic performance;
    • Bigger physical resistance;
    • Improvement of the esthetic look and loss of fat during exercise;
    • Increase of the quality of life, including the sexual function.

    Side effects of Testosterone hormone treatment in women
    Not surprisingly, resourcing the male´s sexual hormone to treat women can originate some side effects like acne, unwanted growth of hair and more vocal density.

    However, these kinds of effects only appear depending on the type of dose that is applied, but it is possible to stop and revert these effects by interrupting treatment.

    In women, a testosterone treatment doesn´t imply a higher risk of contracting breast cancer, uterus cancer or cardiovascular diseases. In fact, the majority of these studies reveal exactly the opposite.
    The synergy between physical exercise, an adequate diet program and hormone optimization is the best formula for health, well-being, sexual energy and power.