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Testosterone in Men

  • Testosterone in men

    The importance of Testosterone is reflected in all aspects of human health.
    When we talk about health and sexuality, there is a frequent question that generally emerges not only among men but also in women: What is Testosterone? It is steroid hormone that´s normally associated to men, but that also exists in the female organism. It is produced in the supra-renal glands, in the testicles and in the ovaries.

    Optimal levels of testosterone offer immense benefits:

    • Extending the quality of life and delaying aging;
    • Developing muscular mass, strength and physical resistance;
    • Increasing bone density;
    • Improving well-being and psychological conditions;
    • Bigger tolerance to physical activity;
    • Enhancing skin tonicity;
    • Improving the ability to heal and cicratization;
    • Augmenting sexual desire, drive, performance, as well as sexual health (texto sugerido para associar a “saúde sexual”);
    • Protection against cardiovascular diseases;
    • Prevention against arthritis;
    • Reducing body fat (particularly at the abdominal level);
    • Reducing bad cholesterol.

    Testosterone is a hormone that offers the best performance towards collagen enhancement and elastin presented in the skin. Additionally, it is the second best hormone in terms of energy and well-being and that is the main reason why Testosterone is highly recommended for both genders.

    Signs and symptoms of low levels of Testosterone (hypogonadism)
    Low levels of man´s sexual hormone are manifested in different kinds of ways, such as:

    • Depression;
    • Constant fatigue;
    • Senility;
    • Osteoporosis;
    • Abdominal obesity;
    • Low sexual motivation (low libido);
    • Development of cardiac diseases;
    • Strokes;
    • Prostate cancer;
    • Diabetes type 2.

    What should we do when there are symptoms of testosterone insufficiency although the laboratorial results of this hormone are within what is expectable?
    In these situations, results that are presumed as normal, might not be so – and frequently they are not - the ones that may best protect our health or allow us to live with the wellness we desire. In truth, promoting and preventing health requires in general terms, an optimal level of Testosterone at each moment.

    Complementation with Testosterone
    As we have seen, restoring optimal levels of Testosterone allows the delay or blocking of the development and progression of countless pathologies, which makes the complementation of Testosterone a good solution. An experienced doctor in compensating hormonal treatments – Hormone Modulation – can help you regain the optimal levels of Testosterone, improving your quality of life.
    Optimize you´re sexual energy and your individual power!