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Growth Hormone

  • The Human Growth Hormone

    Optimize your sexual energy and individual power by receiving Growth Hormone Treatment.
    We are for centuries in a constant search for the “fountain of youth”. More or less romantically, more or less scientifically, the different variations in this term (also called the “elixir of youth”) has developed into a discovery that has all kinds of forms. Nowadays, due to Anti-Aging Medicine the regeneration of youth is a reality.

    Through the determinant action that the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has upon other hormones, she attains an important role in this field. The remarkable growth of children in all their development results from this hormone which is equally responsible by an amazing ability of cicratization and recovery in children.

    In adulthood, the Growth Hormone engages in a repairing and regenerative role, although the levels at this phase decrease significantly.

    Benefits of growth hormone replacement
    Generally speaking, there´re multiple advantages in growth hormone replacement. Below we can see the most significant of them:

    • Development of muscular mass;
    • Reducing body fat;
    • Increase of physical and psychological energy;
    • Improvement in sexual performance;
    • Regenerating vital organs;
    • Restoring the immunological system;
    • Improvement of bone quality;
    • Decline in cholesterol;
    • Improvement of the cardiac function;
    • General enhancement of cicratization;
    • Thicker skin;
    • Healthier hair growth;
    • Vision improvement;
    • Better humour;
    • Improvement of brain functions;

    Biologic Rejuvenation
    A Growth Hormone supplement is highly recommended for both genders, within an anti-aging global treatment. We also need to underline that together with the correct diet, the adequate practice of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, the pleasing benefits of this type of hormone treatment can be significantly improved.

    Growth Hormone has substantial influence upon other hormones and they can work in synergy with them. It works even better if It´s included in a global hormonal balance.
    One of the most remarkable effects of a Growth Hormone is the ability to improve the patient´s quality of life. The evaluation that is undertaken before patients start using HCH reveals us that, in general, they feel overwhelmed by their problems, with a negative evaluation of themselves and suffering frequently from anxiety and depression. In the words of a researcher they become slow “zombies”.
    However, a few weeks after taking the HCH the differences are huge. Energy goes up 84% of the cases, emotional stability rises 67% and memory 62%. Prevention and fighting against numerous pathologies associated with age become real. Feelings of well-being that result from the intake of HCH explain the longing for keeping the treatment, a situation common to the majority of patients that undergo this process. A global analysis of the recovered quality of life in these patient-receivers shows a progress of 70%.

    Conventional Medicine considers that the hormone drop associated with age is normal and does nothing to correct it. Patients are treated only in the areas implied in their diagnosed pathologies. The human organism is understood not as a global system, interdependent, but partially, as if the organs don´t mutually influence each other.

    Notwithstanding, we can consider that a low level of Growth Hormone (or other hormone) should be treated as a deficiency. It doesn´t matter if that is the “normal” condition for that age – if a doctor is able to improve the state of health of his patient by restoring a hormone towards an optimal level, then he should really consider doing it.