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Our Mission

  • Together with you we shape your Personal Power. We work in order for you to fully express your charisma and to effectively implement your potential for command.

    This power results fundamentally from your energy, in particular the Sexual Energy, in which your sexual ability also depends upon. Beauty, charm, ability to seduce, elegance and sex appeal – all of them result from and are manifested by this Power.

    The central core of POWER, of Man´s and Woman´s sexual potency, is sexual energy. This form of energy is intimately associated with autonomous aging, one that is capable of defining, developing and accomplishing wining projects, but also capable of creating an excellent and healthy Quality of Life.

    We work to allow you this Power. And we do it in a team, with you! In our clinic we constantly look for the best treatments, the more innovating and safe procedures, in order to improve our patient’s health.

    We make sure that clients at Clínica do Poder can feel comfortable in their own skins and enjoy the best appearance possible. All our efforts are to free patients from aging diseases and others connected with Sexual Health.

    We are leaders in Sexual Health, Anti-Aging Medicine, Preventive and Regenerative Medicine.

    Our mission is to recover and optimize your Power. For you we do more, we do better.

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