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Dr. José Pereira da Silva

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    José Pereira da Silva graduated from the Medicine School of Lisbon in 1976. During his years has a military officer in the Great Portuguese Colonial War, he developed an interest in health issues by witnessing a major lack of support to the Portuguese military men, in particular the populations from Mozambique.

    He completed his expertise in Urology in the Civilian Hospitals of Lisbon, achieving in 1989 the degree of assistant doctor and the title of Urology Specialist by the Portuguese Medical Board.
    He was trained in Andrology (subject areas related with Impotence and Reproductive Medicine) in the United States of America, Germany and Spain. Following his persistent search for knowledge, he also attended training in the field of Anti-Aging and Laser Medicine in the USA and Russia.

    Until the year of 1997 he gave medical assistance in Urology and Andrology at the Portuguese Diabetic Association (APDP). During that time he understood the vital significance of Sexual Health and the tragedy that comes from the privation of it, individually and also to the couple´s relationship. These experiences remained the foundation that implemented his decision to develop his expertise in Sexual Health and subsequently, in Anti-Aging Medicine.

    In 1987 he started “Clínica do Homem”, a medical unit that offered diagnosis and treatment for male sexual dysfunctions in which he remained until 1989. In the following year he founded “Clínica Harmonia” and undertook his duty as a clinical director responsible for the areas of Urology, Andrology, Male and Female Sexual Health. In this clinic he also opened services in the areas of Anti-Aging, Hormonal Modulation and Laser Medicine as the main resources to improve the quality of life and the autonomy of his patients throughout more and better years.

    He created Clinica do Poder – Dr. José Pereira da Silva in 2014. He is a founding member of both the European Society for Genital Microsurgery (E.A.G.M.) and the International Group of Urology, Andrology and Sexology (I. G. U. A.S.)

    Books published:

    Dr. José has written and co-written 4 books with issues regarding Impotence and its physiopathology, diagnosis, treatment, prostatic diseases and profertility.

    Below you can find his books in their original titles:

    - Impotência – Fisiopatologia, Diagnóstico e Terapêutica (co-author with Professor L. V. Wagenknecht and Dr. Maria Clementina Mota Diniz, 1988)
    - A impotência é Reversível (co-author with Dr. Steve Wilson, 1996)
    - A Próstata e Suas Doenças (1997)
    - Profertilidade (1998)

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